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How to use


Choose a girl

Choose the girl you would like to escort. Please remember the number(ID) of the girl on her profile picture.


Select the course

We have two courses.

  • 60min 22,000yen

  • 80min 33,000yen

The course includes shower play which takes about 10 minutes before and after the playing. Therefore, the playing time of 60-minute courese is about 40 minutes and that of 80-minute course is about 60 minutes.


Choose a hotel

Choose a hotel for escort service to check in from the hotel map. Please remember the hotel numnber(ID).



You can make a reservation by web form, chat app (whatsapp, telegram), or phone call. Please provide the following information for each method.

(1) Nickname (2) Nationality (3) Languages (4) Date and time (5) Girl (6) Hotel (7) Course (8) Email address (9) Additional service (10) Payment method


Confirm reservation

After your reservation is approved, we will inform you of the reservation details by e-mail, chat, or phone call. Please check the details and contact us for confirmation by the specified method at the specified time.


Pay with the credit card

Once you have confirmed the time of the guide after receiving confirmation, please pay the specified amount by credit card before checking in at the hotel. If you prefer to pay in cash, please pay directly to the lady when she arrives. Play will start after payment has been made to the lady.

Click here to pay


Check in

After payment by credit card, please check in at a love hotel by the designated time with a stay time 20 to 30 minutes longer than the course time. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of using the love hotel.


Give your room number.

Please email, chat, or call us with the love hotel/room number where you checked in. The woman will arrive approximately 10-15 minutes after you contact us.


Arrival of girl

If you prefer to pay in cash, please pay the fee in cash first when the lady arrives. After payment, you and the girl will shower together and play will begin. If you have already paid by credit card, the play will start as soon as the girl arrives.



  • 15min Shower Play

  • 30~60min Standard Play

  • 15min Shower Play

During the service, we ask that you refrain from any prohibited items as well as any behavior that women may not like. Please note that if you fail to follow the rules, you will be forcibly terminated and no refunds will be given. Please take the above into consideration and have a good time with the ladies.