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T:158 B:103 (H) W:74 H:99


Hobby Manga
Past_Job Student
Favorite_food Sushi
Erogenous_zones Nipple
Languages Japanese
Favorite_play Blow Job


05/20(Mon) No Available
05/21(Tue) No Available
05/22(Wed) No Available
05/23(Thu) No Available
05/24(Fri) No Available
05/25(Sat) No Available
05/26(Sun) No Available


  • Thanks

    She has great boobs!

  • Wonderful girl

    It’s so amazing that she’s a girl who can play for 20,000 yen.


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She is the most beautiful white H-cup in Super Melons.
She has a lovely face, and she is a new cast.

She is a very popular girl in Shibuya, and she has all the options available to her.
Let’s create your favorite play!

First of all, please feel Yuko-chan as she is, and then order the option next time!

She is cute as she is, but her voice is even cuter.
Her voice is so beautiful and cute that she used to work as a voice actress.

If she receives a verbal abuse with such a voice, she is sure to get an ear infection.

Her play is also very attractive.
She is a versatile type who can be both aggressive and receptive!

She can be both aggressive and receptive, but she likes to serve her customers and see their faces when they feel it.
Please enjoy her bright smile, cute moaning voice, and the best service play!