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T:150 B:96 (G) W:64 H:95



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The smile on her clear face has the power to captivate men within a three-kilometer radius.

Her eyes are bright, yet protective, and will surely make you swoon! ☆

How about experiencing the pleasure of a blow job with her fluffy lips?

She is a very cute and erotic cast member who can also perform erotic play using a lot of lotion.

We envy those who can play with such a cute girl! (She is a very cute girl!

Saki is such a cute girl, but what? What a surprise! She seems to have pink nipples!

Moreover, she has sensitive pink nipples and they get scared even when she is touched.

Her face is cute, but her body is also cute.

If you get to know her well, you may be able to hear her cute Kansai dialect, which is typical of Naniwa. (´ω`)