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T:156 B:83 (F) W:68 H:79


Hobby Travel
Past_Job Nurse
Favorite_food Strawberry
Erogenous_zones Boobs, Clitoris
Languages Japanese, English
Favorite_play Hand job


05/20(Mon) No Available
05/21(Tue) No Available
05/22(Wed) No Available
05/23(Thu) No Available
05/24(Fri) No Available
05/25(Sat) No Available
05/26(Sun) No Available


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Rika, who has a gap between freshness and eroticism, will be joining Super Melons.

When she came to the interview place with a lot of nervousness, we couldn’t help but be moved by her freshness.
As her nervousness melted away little by little, she smiled and talked with us with a cute smile on her face.

Rika is such an adorable girl, but she has a naughty side that she masturbates everyday at home.
Moreover, she is most excited when her parents are at home…(lol)

Her smile and white, chewy skin are “not half bad”!
You will definitely get excited just by looking at her!

Anyway, she is a girl who likes kissing!
The kisses she gives from the moment you meet her will go straight to a man’s heart. !!!!!

You will surely die of love for her!

Please gently attack such a naughty and cute Kii-chan.

If you kiss her while stimulating her nipples and clitoris…….!
I don’t want to say too much, do I?

You’ll know the rest when you get there. ・・・・

What will her story be like in the future?
Please let her color the white campus “your color”.