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T:162 B:97 (G) W:65 H:95


Hobby Reading
Past_Job Dental_hygienist
Favorite_food Riceballs
Erogenous_zones Boobs
Languages Japanese
Favorite_play Blowjob


05/20(Mon) No Available
05/21(Tue) No Available
05/22(Wed) No Available
05/23(Thu) No Available
05/24(Fri) No Available
05/25(Sat) No Available
05/26(Sun) No Available


  • Wonderful!!

    She was so wonderful!


  • Hello!

    Hello, my name is Hana.
    I used to work as a dental assistant, so I love nurse cosplay♡

    I hope your love-call!
    Thank you.

  • Today I am available until 3:00am

    I’m so horny, so I want your love call!
    Than you.


Everyone loves her!
Hana-chan, a very sexy and glamorous young lady, has just joined our store!

She is a very nice woman who can tickle a man’s heart more than anything else!
She is a very attractive woman with a very nice smile and a very strong sexual appetite.

She has a very strong sexual appetite and always wants a man.
She also seems to have good technique…

She is suitable for both S and M customers.
If you want to blame her, please gently blame her breasts, especially her nipples and ears!

On the other hand, if you would like to be blamed,
If you want to be blamed, please make a mood with her good kissing and then enjoy her blowjob.
Please enjoy her blow job!

We are waiting for your reservation!