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T:161 B:105 (J) W:71 H:97


Hobby Trip
Past_Job Student
Favorite_food Tenpura
Erogenous_zones Pushi
Languages Japanese
Favorite_play Kissing


05/20(Mon) No Available
05/21(Tue) No Available
05/22(Wed) No Available
05/23(Thu) No Available
05/24(Fri) No Available
05/25(Sat) No Available
05/26(Sun) No Available


  • Ayako…♡

    I’d like to come Japan again because of her!
    I can’t believe its super good price!

  • She is the best!

    I think Ayako is the most popular in Supermelons. I storongly recommend her.


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She is 19 years old, too cute for the foul class! Meet Ayako!

She has a face that will make you fall in love with her, and her eyes are so big that 100 out of 100 people will be convinced that she is a loli-cow candy*.
She is also very charming and you should be able to enjoy just talking with her without worrying about her.

She is very serious and polite, but you can’t imagine from her appearance that she is surprisingly interested in sex.
Of course, she loves to be tortured, and she has many places to feel it, such as her neck and there! When she gets too excited, she gets into a lot of trouble down there…

Although she has no experience in the industry, she is very positive and wants to learn a lot from a kind and slightly perverted customer!
We are sure that we will be inundated with inquiries, so please call us as soon as possible if you are a gentleman and can follow the rules!